Symptoms of Cat Poisoning Every Owner Should Know

Symptoms of Cat Poisoning Every Owner Should Know - Because cats are basically curious, they can easily get into things they shouldn't. Even with your best efforts, your cat may swallow harmful substances around your home.
Symptoms of Cat Poisoning Every Owner Should Know Symptoms of Cat Poisoning Every Owner Should Know

Obviously, poisoning is a serious situation that needs to be addressed immediately. Symptoms of poisoning in cats vary dramatically depending on the substance being digested. However, here are some of the most common signs that something is wrong with your cat.


Lethargy is clearly one of the most common symptoms of cat poisoning. Your normally energetic cat doesn't seem to have any energy at all. He will appear weak and not interested in activities that he usually enjoys every day.


If your cat is not lethargic, then you might see something strange every time he moves after being poisoned. He may stumble and cannot walk in a straight line. This is clearly out of the habit of cats.


Another sign that your cat may have swallowed something he shouldn't vomit. This is the body's natural response to poisoning in an effort to get rid of harmful substances. In some cases, blood will appear in vomiting.


Vomiting is just one way your cat's body tries to get rid of harmful poisons. Diarrhea is another method. Like vomiting, diarrhea is sometimes accompanied by blood.


Breathing improperly certainly indicates something is wrong with your cat. After being poisoned, breathing may begin to become very fast and shallow. Cats also often salivate excessively, especially if the tongue begins to swell.


In extreme cases, seizures can also occur due to poisoning in cats. Seizures can also occur. One of the symptoms of cat poisoning indicates that the brain has been affected, and treatment is needed immediately.


There are several other signs of poisoning in cats. Always pay attention if your cat seems to experience general pain or weakness. The appearance of dehydration is also one of the common symptoms of cat poisoning to watch out for.

Obviously there is no point in waiting and seeing if everything gets better if you think something is wrong with your cat. If you even suspect that your cat has been poisoned, seek treatment immediately. It's better to be safe than sorry.

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