What is the Best Fish Tank for Shrimp?

What is the Best Fish Tank for Shrimp? - What is the best fish tank for freshwater lobsters? The answer to this question depends on several things. Do you plan to have other fish that live with your pet crayfish? Do you plan to have other pet crayfish together? Because if you do it, a desktop aquarium or a 10 gallon fish tank might not be ideal. I know from experience. Personally, I would recommend a 20 gallon fish tank for only one crayfish, nothing smaller.
 What is the best fish tank for freshwater lobsters What is the Best Fish Tank for Shrimp?

Crayfish is very dirty

Crayfish is a dirty little creature. They take out a lot of garbage. And this waste can make your aquarium bad and toxic to other fish, if you have it. With a larger tank, like a 20 gallon tank, there is more water to hold all of your pet crayfish waste.

Crayfish Aggressive and Territorial

Crayfish will eat and fight anything. They are super aggressive and territorial. Therefore, if you plan to have other fish in your aquarium, you want an aquarium that is large enough to comfortably accommodate everyone. Having a larger tank will reduce the chances of your other fish being eaten by your pet crayfish. They will have more room to swim.

And your favorite crayfish will have a small area for itself. Remember, too, with crayfish, other fish in your aquarium can become crayfish food at certain times. I always suggest putting aggressive fish in the tank and fish swimming near the top. Red-tailed sharks, mollies, and ax fish can often work well with freshwater lobsters. They have for me in the past.

Water Change

With a fish tank that is at least 20 gallons, managing the replacement of water for your freshwater lobster, and other fish, will be much easier. By the way, make sure that you change about 25% of water every week. This will ensure a healthy and clean tank. One that will help keep your other fish healthy, and your pet crayfish.

If You Get Two Crayfish

If you decide to get two crayfish and put them in a fish tank. Based on my experience, it's only a matter of time before the other one eats. Personally, I think you will need a tank larger than 20 gallons for two crayfish.

However, if you have to have two crayfish, make sure you have a separate hiding place for both of them. These can be purchased online, made from PVC or found in most pet stores that sell aquariums.


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