The 10 Most Comfortable And Safest Country in the World

comfort and safety are often important factors in the world of tourism in a country The 10 Most Comfortable And Safest Country in the World

comfort and safety are often important factors in the world of tourism in a country. The safer a country is, the more tourists are interested in visiting it. Recently, Skyscanner has released a list of 2019 safest visited countries.

Confused about using an internet provider when in Japan? Here it is 3 Japanese cellular operators with 5G

G generation communication standard will be introduced in Japan starting in March  Confused about using an internet provider when in Japan? Here it is 3 Japanese cellular operators with 5G

The 5G generation communication standard will be introduced in Japan starting in March 2019.

The 5G communication standard with 10-fold speed will be operated specifically by three major Japanese operators NTT DoCoMo, KDDI, and Softbank.

This Beachside Resort in Japan is Suitable for Nature Lovers

With climate change increasingly threatening the preservation of nature, protecting the sea is becoming increasingly important. Hotels in Japan such as ANA InterContinental Manza Beach Resort in Okinawa are trying to do that.

Hunting for Flowers that Bloom in Spring in Japan

 spring is the season most adorned with blooming flowers Hunting for Flowers that Bloom in Spring in Japan

Among the four seasons in Japan, spring is the season most adorned with blooming flowers. The weather this season is also good, so it is very fitting to take a walk in the beautiful flower garden while carrying a camera.

On this occasion we will discuss about the famous flowers that bloom from March to May around the Kanto area which might be a reference for making your spring trip plans.

Flowers that bloom in March

  • Sakura
 spring is the season most adorned with blooming flowers Hunting for Flowers that Bloom in Spring in Japan

These soft pink flowers cannot be removed and have become a kind of Japanese spring tradition. Someiyoshino cherry blossoms usually bloom at the end of March to early April.

However, this bloom period tends to become faster year after year. Therefore, for those of you who want to enjoy the beauty of this flower, don't forget to pay attention to the latest information on the cherry blossom season.

In this season, famous places to enjoy cherry blossoms will be very full of people. Therefore, find a place that is unknown to many people. In addition, the language of interest for cherry is "beauty of the soul".

Here are some famous places to enjoy cherry blossoms: Ueno Onshi Park, Chidorigafuchi Park in Tokyo, Hirosaki Park in Aomori Prefecture, Sewari District, and Yodogawa Kasen Park in Kyoto Prefecture.

  • Tulip

 spring is the season most adorned with blooming flowers Hunting for Flowers that Bloom in Spring in Japan

Among spring flowers, tulips have the same fame as cherry blossoms. This flower blooms from March to April. There are various types of colors, motifs and ways of blooming. Overall, there are ten thousand more.

The type of jurisaki that resembles a lily flower and a type of yaezaki that has many faces, which is said to be shaped like a different flower. This type will change depending on the difference in the amount of light and temperature that will affect the closed or open flower petals and the direction of growth.

Therefore we can enjoy various kinds of expressions from this flower. The language of interest for tulips is "omoiyari" (means: tolerating among others).

Some famous places to enjoy tulips: Huis Ten Bosch in Nagasaki Prefecture, and Tulip Tonami Park in Toyama Prefecture.

  • Nanohana (Canola)

 spring is the season most adorned with blooming flowers Hunting for Flowers that Bloom in Spring in Japan
The warm yellow flowers that start to bloom since the beginning of spring are a sign of the arrival of spring. Simple flower shape with a striking yellow color but nice to see makes this flower preferred by every age.

Nanohana flowers are also often strung together with pink peach blossoms which are typical flower displays for the celebration of the Hamamatsuri festival. The language of interest for nanohana is "Treasure".

Some famous places to enjoy nanohana flowers: Mother Farm in Chiba, Soleil Hill in Kanagawa Prefecture, and Yokohama Town in Aomori Prefecture.

Flowers that bloom in April

  • Shibazakura

As the name suggests, this flower shape is similar to small and cute cherry blossoms. This flower grows to spread above the surface of the ground like a carpet. The landscape of the hills and the vast land which is covered in pink and white all over the shibazakura flower is very charming.

Actually there are also types of shibazakura flowers that are blue. In some places, there are also views of flowers that are formed into pictures and motifs from a mixture of several different colors. The language of interest for Shibazakura is "Agreement".

Some famous places to enjoy shibazakura flowers: Hitsujiyama Park in Saitama Prefecture, Higashi Mokoto Shibazakura Park in Hokkaido (May-June).

  • Nemophila

This small blue and purple flower blooms over the ground. Basically, the bluish-colored flowers are few in number. Especially if these blue flowers grow in large groups that are widespread, which is a rare sight.

Later the nemophila flower became famous because the landscape of flowers that bloomed above the ground looks like a stretch of blue sea creating a fantastic panorama. The type of white flower with purple spots and the type of purple flower that approaches black is also very beautiful. The language of interest for nemophila is "success".

A famous place to enjoy nemophila flowers: Hitachi Seaside Park in Ibaraki Prefecture.

  • Fuji (Wisteria)

Flowers that have been enjoyed by Japanese people since the Manyoshu era (around the end of the 7th century until the end of the 8th century). Fuji flowers usually grow in the trellis.

The strands of flowers hung and stretched down like grapes. The view of the swaying flowers looks like a chandelier made of flowers. Another attraction lies in the sweet aroma that spreads around the flower. The language of interest for Fuji is "intoxicating love".

Some famous places to enjoy fuji flowers: Kameido Tenjin Temple in Tokyo, Ashikaga Flower Park in Tochigi Prefecture, and Kawachi Wisteria Garden in Fukuoka Prefecture.

Flowers that bloom in May!

  • Iris

Iris is a general term for iridaceae. There are many types of plants such as iris or iridaceae such as kakitsubata (iris laevigata) that live on wet land and look graceful, ayame that looks clean and firm, German iris is colorful and luxurious, and so on.

In addition to irises that are usually blue and purple, there are also irises that are yellow, orange, pink and so on. The language of interest for iris is "good news".

Some famous places to enjoy iris: Iris Hill in Gunma Prefecture, Shirakawa Flower World in Fukushima Prefecture.

  • Shakuyaku (Peony)

This flower has long been used as a parable to describe beautiful women "Tateba shakuyaku, suwareba botan", meaning when standing like my shakuyaku flowers and when sitting like a botanical flower. When blooming, the flower petals that resemble thin paper are very charming.

Types of flower colors that are often seen include red, pink and white. But there are also types of shakuyaku flowers that are crossed with botanical flowers that produce a yellowish color. The language of interest for shakuyaku is "shame".

Some famous places to enjoy shakuyaku flowers: Tokyo Peony Garden in Tsukuba in Ibaraki Prefecture, and Mainthopia Besshi in Ehime Prefecture.

  • Poppy

This flower has a dynamic small stem with fluttering crepe-like petals. The view of the flower which is exposed to the spring breeze is very beautiful and the shape of the flower that blends perfectly is also beautiful.

The buds that are seen looking down grow straight in length. When the green bag of the bud is broken, over time the petals will open. The language of flowers for poppy is "comfort".

Some famous places to enjoy poppies: Chichibu Kogen Farm in Saitama Prefecture, and Kurihama Flower Park in Kanagawa Prefecture.

  • Rose

Roses are the queen of the most beloved flowers in the world. There are various colors except blue. There are also various types of roses from the giant and charming ones to the pretty mini-sized ones, from single-flowered types that impress naturally to those that bloom with piles of impressively classic flowers, and types that resemble glass.

This flower blooms from May to June. In each area there are famous places and parks to enjoy this flower. The language of interest for roses is "passionate love".

Some famous places to enjoy roses: Kyu-furukawa Gardens in Jindai Botanical Park in Tokyo, and Keisei Rose Garden in Chiba Prefecture.

Apart from the flowers above, there are also other famous spring flowers such as margaret, renge (lotus), sakuraso (primrose) and so on. Not only that, there are also spots to enjoy various kinds of flowers that are in one location.

You will definitely feel refreshed after a day in the romantic flower garden and surrounded by flowers that you like. Invite your best friends, family and girlfriend to go to the flower garden that you like!

Relationship Goals! These are Romantic Places in Japan

where is a romantic place to propose in japan Relationship Goals! These are Romantic Places in Japan

Most travelers who come to Japan are usually fascinated by the amazing culture and delicious food. However, this country also has several romantic spots that are suitable to be visited by couples who are in love.

In fact, these romantic places are full of legends that are said to be able to make couples who visit can get eternal love. We describe some of these places below, so you and your partner can make a romantic vacation plan in Japan!

Giant Ferris Wheel in Palette Town
where is a romantic place to propose in japan Relationship Goals! These are Romantic Places in Japan

The Giant Sky Wheel in the Palette Town has a diameter of 100 meters. This is the most popular building in Odaiba. You will enjoy the trip for 16 minutes. Unbeatable panorama in the form of a city view from a height will appear before the eyes. We suggest you go up before sunset to get a romantic atmosphere.

The Palette Town Giant Sky Wheel is open from 10:00 to 22:00 on Friday and Saturday, and until 23:00 on the day before the national holiday. To reach this place, you can walk three minutes from Tokyo Teleport Station to the Rinkai Line or direct access from "Aomi Station" in Yurikamome.

Ticket prices: adults (12 years and over) 1,000 yen per person, children (4-11) years 500 yen per person, and group tickets (more than 20 people) 550 yen per person. You can visit their website for more detailed information.

Angel Road (Kagawa Prefecture)
where is a romantic place to propose in japan Relationship Goals! These are Romantic Places in Japan

Angel Road is an sandbar that connects two different islands in the Kagawa area. This is a famous romantic place. The road only appears twice a day.

Legend has it that if couples join hands while walking on Angel Road, then their love will last forever and their wishes will come true. This myth is one reason young Japanese couples often visit this place every year.

You can go to Angel Road by taking a ferry from Takamatsu, Himeji, Shin-Okayama port to Shodoshima Island. Visit their website for more detailed information.

Nisa Bell on Asahidake Peak (Hokkaido)
where is a romantic place to propose in japan Relationship Goals! These are Romantic Places in Japan

Nisa's bell is located at the top of Asaridake. Couples ring the bell together as a symbol of their eternal love.

From the same place, you can see views of Ishikari Bay, Shakotan Peninsula, and the Niseko Mountains cluster. There is also a special elevator that you can use to climb to the top of the mountain.

There is a place called Kiroro Resort at the foot of the mountain. There is a chapel at Kiroro Resort which is usually used for wedding ceremonies. This is the perfect place to capture your love with your partner.

The Nisa Bell Asaridake Peak is located at 128-1 Aza-Tokiwa, Akaigawa-mura, Yoichi-gun, Hokkaido. You can visit their website for more detailed information.

romantic place in japanese

Komodo National Park Tourism, The Uniqueness of the Latest Wonders of the World

Komodo National Park. This natural reservation place is used to protect Komodo dragons, exotic ancient animals in Indonesia. Not only that, this national park has a super beautiful panorama. It's only natural if now this place starts a lot in the lyrics of domestic tourists.

Initially, the Komodo National Park was intended to protect only Komodo dragons. But over time developed more widely. Now this natural reservation place protects various animals as well as other natural environments, as well as being a recommended tourist spot.

if You are a Muslim, Here are Tips for You When Visiting Japan

tips for Muslims when visiting Japan - While Japan has simply AN exceptionally very little level of Muslim occupants, the number of Muslim guests has been increasing considerably as currently. Japanese by and huge ar extraordinarily tolerant towards numerousreligions, together with Islam, but there's a large absence of comprehension of the faith and a deficiency of administrations and offices for Muslim voyagers. Be that because it could, with the increasing variety of Muslim guests, vacationist affiliations and organizations have increase endeavors to enhance the circumstance to additional pronto oblige Muslim travelers. 

This blast in Muslim-accommodating administrations, for instance, petition rooms and halal nourishment decisions, is creating it easier for Muslims to travel in Japan. In any case, while not brought along heading, just like a halal enfranchisement workplace, administrations, for instance, cafés to a good extent have to be compelled to add upof things on their lonesome. Thus, it's onerous to stay up a gentle commonplace of allowable merchandise and ventures as cafés search for confirmation from a large vary of bodies. 

Accessibility of halal Food
As of now, there ar simply few halal nourishment manufacturers and halal cafés in Japan. varied halal cafés in Japan serve liquor, because it is difficult for eateries here to induce by while not doing intrinsically. There ar somecafés that mark themselves as "halal" or "Muslim-accommodating" and provide a halal menu however their commonplace menu; in any case, their dishes were seemingly organized in an exceedingly similar room as non-halal dishes. Guests ought to observe individual watchfulness once eating at such places because theorganizations might not be halal within the real sense. 

Halal or Muslim-accommodating cafés will be found at real heavier-than-air craft terminals and one or two of driving large lodgings, nevertheless note that a number of them need earlier reservations of at any rate one or twoof days for the look of halal dinners. Non-Japanese cafés giving Bangladeshi, Egyptian, Indian, Indonesian, Iranian, Malaysian, Moroccan, Pakistani and Turkish preparation aboard some green groceries lover eateries could likewise have halal sustenance decisions

For additional information concerning halal nourishment, it's inspired to counsel a close-by individual informationfocus. In Tokyo, one such spot is that the Culture tourer info Center in Asakusa. 

Outside of the numerous urban communities, halal or Muslim-accommodating eateries ar a lot of more and morehard or oftentimes troublesome to get. For guests WHO favor putting in place their terribly own dinners, somegrocery stores in important urban communities provide halal items; all the samethey're going to normally be in the main coagulated halal meats as hostile ready to-eat sustenances. the conventional market in Japan doesn't sell halal things

For guests WHO ar upset concerning non-halal sustenances, it's vital the continuing increment in accessibility of fugitive condos and lodgings with kitchenettes that change guests to arrange their own dinners. Indeed, even at normal inns and ryokan, high temporary worker water is kind of usually accessible within the areacreating the look of moment noodles a usually easy alternative. Guests upset concerning non-halal sustenances ar inspired to suppose conveyancing their terribly own nourishment and cutlery to Japan. 

Japanese preparation 
Regular Japanese dishes and organized comfort sustenances, whereas apparently halal, could contain fixings that will not be affordable below shariahthought Japanese nourishments like dishcould have rice wine (mirin) merging in with the rice. Ramen and completely different meat dishes contain fixings like non-halal meat (counting pork), soy sauce, miso, completely different additional substances and additives, rice wine (mirin or probably purpose) and creature fat. 

Moreover, vegetable dishes like pickles, soups, bread, tidbits and some treats could be mushbooh as they willcontain liquor, gelatin, creature fat based mostly marge or different haram fixings. Thusly, it'd be onerous to understand a halal Japanese dinner while not mercantilism off the fixings and methodology for preparationsomefoundations can have purpose|some extent|a degree} by point summary of the fixings they use for hypersensitivity functions. Approach the employees for this summary once requesting if pertinent. 

Prayer rooms and Mosques 
To additional pronto oblige Muslim guests and occupants alike, petition rooms with bolts inform towards Mecca are additional to a bunch of open offices, for instanceimportant heavier-than-air craft terminals and few Muslim-accommodating lodgings. Territories encompassing the larger mosques as a rule contain Muslim-accommodating outlets which can likewise take under consideration guests in such manner. 

Versatile applications ar accessible with timetables and compasses to assist with finding the heading of Mecca. it'sprudent to make sure these applications work abroad, and to line up an internet get to course of action ahead of visiting Japan. it's in addition prescribed for guests to bring their terribly own asking mat and apparel as they'renot effectively accessible. Mosques will be found in most important urban areas for the people WHO want to go toone on their outing. 

With the continuing blast in Muslim the travel trade, there has been AN increasing variety of movement organizations giving Muslim well disposed visits to the people WHO realize exploring Japan while not anyone else overly overwhelming. The visits that ar offered offer food expressly to Muslims and build all the essential sustenance and building courses of action.

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